CalPacific Marketing Group 

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                                                The CPMG Process maximizes our team's efforts, ultimately translating into fully-optimized, custom-tailored campaigns for our clients. 

                                               Utilizing Integrated Media Platforms
Traditional Media:
Network TV, Local Cable, Local, Regional, Network Radio, Print, Digital, Out-of-Home,

Mobile and Direct Mail 

Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram in engaging and effective ways.

Celebrity Talent: TV, Film, Athletes for endorsements, voice-overs & appearances

                                                CPMG is composed of experienced sales, media and marketing professionals, talent scouts, social media experts, and event
                                                and brand ambassadors. Lucille Fortunato, principal of CalPacific Marketing Group®, and her staff, possess years of work
                                                experience with the nation’s largest, most recognized entertainment and broadcast companies. Their knowledge, skills,
                                                and access to resources prove extremely advantageous when designing, planning, and delivering custom-made programs, events,
                                                and campaigns for each of their clients.


Lucille Fortunato  President/Principal

Lucille Fortunato

             We provide our clients
             optimized consulting
             services, innovative
             promotions, and
             customized integrated
             marketing campaigns.

  • Utilizing Integrated Media Platforms
    • Traditional Media
      • Network TV
      • Local Cable
      • Local, Regional & Network Radio
      • Print
      • Digital
      • Media Relations
        • Brand and Executive Management
        • Developing Strategic Partnerships
        • Entertainment Marketing, with Disney/ABC Inc., ABC Radio Network,
          Viacom/CBS, CBS Radio
  • WBE certified by California Public Utilities Commission via Supplier Clearinghouse
  • Proud Member of:
    • American Marketing Association
    • San Diego Chapter of American Marketing Association
    • IEG Sponsorships
    • San Diego North County Chamber of Commerce
  • Certified Women-Owned-Business through the CA Public Utilities Commission
  • Board of Directors:
    • California Alliance for Arts Education

Diane M. Tody   Partner/  Lead Account Supervisor

Diane M. Tody
Partner/Lead Account Supervisor

  • 25+ years experience with:
    • Media Marketing and Sales in Entertainment Industries
    • Full Service Agency with Fortune 500 Companies
    • Account Management including Brand Integration, Sponsorships, Promotions
      and New Business Development
  • Certified Radio and Integrated Marketing Consultant 
  • C.R.M.C. Certification

Nick Tracz  Director of Integrated Media & Marketing

Nick Tracz
Director of Integrated Media & Marketing

  • 10+ years experience with:
    • Social Media Marketing, Publicity and Consulting
    • Event Planning (entertainment, non-profit, higher education and private sector)
    • Account Management including Brand Integration, Promotions
      and New Business Development
  • Public/Community Relations Expert
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